Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life in San Diego part four

This is a toy airplane that Shawn's dad made for him when he was about Preston's age. So it's kinda special! Well BOTH boys love to play with it, and of course the second that Preston sees Cameron with it, he has a fit! Ohhh it's just beginning. But on a side while Cameron was sleeping Preston went into the hall and I hear Preston saying "I"M COMING" quite loudly...I think he is talking to me...but he isn't....he's talking to Cameron, and he marches into Cameron's room and says "it's okay buddy, go back to sleep" all while putting his pacifier back in his mouth! I almost died. HE DOES LOVE HIS BROTHER! every mom needs those moments once in a while, to reinforce something we hope happens in our kids lives. Those occasional kisses and hugs he gives his brother, melt my heart! I love my boys!!!

Life in San Diego part three

Pool time! It's been unbelievably hot here. AND THE we've been in the pool everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. How sad is our family pic, that I had to set up on a chair. We really need to take some REAL family pictures!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life in San Diego part two

We decided to take the boys down to the harbor to the Maritime Museum. They were having a PIRATE exhibit on one of the boats. We even got to go on a 30 min boat ride around the harbor. Cameron got sea sick and puked on the Pirate ship...Preston of course thought he died and went to Pirate heaven. he enjoyed himself tremendously. As you can see he brought home a souvenir. He didn't want to take it off for anything!

life in San Diego part uno

Impromptu photoshoot. The light was coming in so nicely through the doors that I couldn't resist. And with subjects like these??? Well!! I can't help but be sad about the picture of Preston...he looks SOOO grown up and soo tough. I can't believe he is three! Wow how time flies.

Saturday, August 11, 2007